TER Tecno Elettrica Ravasi srl was established in Olgiate Molgora (Lecco), in 1962, the brainchild of its founder, Sergio Blasi, who saw the possibility of successfully entering the field of switches and controls for industrial hoisting machines. The quality standard of TER products stems from a thorough knowledge of the materials used and from a constant attention to technical, construction, performance, quality and ergonomic aspects.
TER has gained extensive expertise in the area of plastic moulding and associated processes, thanks to the experience acquired in the 70s, when a plastic moulding plant was opened. TER introduced the use of 3D modelling in the design process and started a progressive integration of electronics in its products.

TER Products

TER Fox Rotary Limit Switch

Limit Switches

TER Juliet fingertip swtiched Joystick

Switched Joysticks

TER Juliet-PK Joystick Station

Joystick Stations

TER Mike-D Pendant Control Station


TER 50A Slip ring Collector

Slip Ring Collectors

TER Pail Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Controls

TER EGON 36 Encoder