ND40 Series Network Analyser

Central Measurement ND40 Power network analyser and recorder.

Measurement and recording of over 500 electric energy quality parameters, class A for selected parameters, harmonics up to 51st, configurable display and web server these are some of the ND40 advantages.


► Measurement and recording of over 500 electrical energy quality parameters acc. to EN 50160, EN61000-4-30, EN 61000-4-7 standards.
► Measuring Class A - for 3 second aggregation.10 minute and 2 hour aggregation - class S.
► Operation in 3 or 4 wire, 3-phase balanced or unbalanced power networks.
► Analysis of current and voltage harmonics up to the 51st for class I (acc. to EN 61000-4-7)
► 4-quadrant energy measurement
► Configurable archives of actual values and events recording
► Data archiving on an SD card - memory up to 32GB
► Binary inputs (optionally)
► Relay, binary or analogue outputs (optionally)
► Email messages in case of alarm occurs
► Web server, ftp server
► Interfaces:
● RS485 Modbus slave
● Ethernet 100 BASE-T (Modbus TCP/IP server)
● USB device & host

► Colour touch screen: LCD TFT 5.6", 640 x 480 pixels
► IP65 protection grade from the frontal side
► Synchronisation of RTC clock with the NTP time server
► External dimensions: 144 x 144 x 104 mm