JC050 Hall Effect Roller

JC050 is a roller for use in joystick grips and other in-cab human-machine interfaces.

  • Robust design for arduous applications
  • Return-to-centre
  • Optional lever actuator profile
  • Low under-panel depth of 23mm
  • Hall-effect sensor technology
  • Rated for 3 million cycles of life
  • Dual-redundant electronic architecture
  • Outputs with sense and voltage span options
  • Dual supply to ensure a high level of signal integrity
  • Designed to allow contamination (liquid or dust) to pass through the mechanism without causing any damage
  • Electronics sealed to IP67

A robust, return-to-centre mechanism provides movement over a range of ±37°, with the thumbwheel having an option of a lever profile to ease operation. A compact mechanical design means the required under-panel space is just 23mm.

The roller utilises non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology that eliminates contact wear and provides for long-life integrity of the output signal, giving rise to a minimum operating life of 3 million cycles.

Safety is enhanced via a fully dual-redundant electronic architecture made up of two power supplies and two sensing circuits, the outputs of which can be set to positive or negative ramps or a combination of both. Electronic robustness is assured with the enclosure sealing rated to both IP67.