MO 376C Button Control Lever

Makersan offers different control levers that control the throttle valve with its long life contactless position sensors for engines.

  • Specification: Case type with button
  • Operating Angle:90° or 180°



Makersan MO 376C Button Control Lever is protected IP6K9K. Customised for different engine interfaces. For tractors, yachts and off-road vehicles. Makersan offers different control levers that control the throttle valve with its long life contactless position sensors for engines.

MO 376C Button Control Lever features:

  • Specification: Case type with button
  • Operating Angle: 90° or 180°
  • Programmable Outputs
    • Single/Dual Analog type: 0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA / PWM
    • Analog+IVS type: Analog + HighSide or LowSide Switch

Makersan has been offering solutions to Mobile and Industrial Applications since 1978. They have ambitious goals, cooperates with universities and High Technology Institutes for the development and conception of new products which will comply with most advanced technology. They strive for research and development. They use their excessive resources and infrastructures for the pursuit of this challenge. Innovations are crowned by patent applications and Makersan has been awarded several times by applying and obtaining most of the patents among other SMEs by National and International Institutions. Their Head Quarters are Located at Gebze, Turkey’s one of the largest industrial zone with a close access to international sea and airports, grants accessibility and facilitates transportation.

Makersan has excellent capabilities of carrying out many complex mechanical and electronic manufacturing processes. Advanced pressing, joining, tooling, assembly, SMD mounting and soldering manufacturing lines are equipped with the high-tech industrial machinery. Our integrated manufacturing capability; designing, moulding, machining, pressing, plastic injection, programming, electronic assembly and validation testing are all accomplished at our factory. This is a strategical asset where Makersan’s agility and strength is derived from.

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● Technology: Contactless Hall Measuring Principle
● Protection: IP6K9K (Sensor)
● Safety: Full Redundant Sensor
● Operating Temperature: -40°C ... +85°C
● Options: Customised wire harness / connector kit

- Suitable for different engine interfaces
- Shock and vibration robust

● Supply voltage: 5 VDC or 10(12) - 30VDC
● Connector: 6 way Delphi Packard Metric Pack 150
● Output options (Programmable):
Analogue type (Single/Dual)
- 0-5 V (max. 1 mA)
- 0-10 V (max. 1 mA)
- 4-20 mA Current
- 0.1-1 kHz PWM
Analogue +IVS Type: Analogue + HighSide or LowSide Switch
Power Type: Proportional (PWM 1kHz) HS output (2.2A/ch)

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