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  • PZ Series Piezoelectric Keypad

    With a 10 million lifecycle due to movement free activation, the PZ series, a piezoelectric keypad is intended for applications…

  • TKR Series Breaker Control Switches

    Lumel TKR series breaker control switch is a three position switch, when it is in close position it places the…

  • 4212 Oil Condition Sensor

    Captures fine wear & coarse failure ferrous particles Water in oil contamination detection  Oil temperature or oil presence measurement Reduce…

  • HS Series Miniature Joystick

    The HS Series miniature joystick is a single pole, MOM-OFF-MOM micro switching joystick. Numerous button styles are available and the HS…

  • TS Series Thumbstick

    The TS Series Thumbstick is a proportional two axis joystick in a miniature package. Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology for long…

  • 16 series Linear Magnetostrictive Sensor

    16 series is design for hydraulic cylinder with limited head space or clevis rod ends hydraulic cylinder. Sensing rod is…