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  • QH Series LED Illuminated Halo

    LED illuminated halo, designed to integrate with Ø16, Ø19 and Ø22 mm panel cutout switches, indicators and APEM's range of…

  • DT110/NN Alphanumeric Display 100mm PROFINET

    LARGE FORMAT Alphanumeric Display PROFINET CONTROL 1 to 8 lines. 1 or 2 displaying sides Character height 100 mm 6…

  • 4212 Oil Condition Sensor

    Captures fine wear & coarse failure ferrous particles Water in oil contamination detection  Oil temperature or oil presence measurement Reduce…

  • Rubber Keypads

    APEM develops and produces rubber keypads. This technology has the following advantages: Custom ergonomics with low investment cost Dedicated custom…

  • TS Series Thumbstick Joystick

    The TS Series Thumbstick is a proportional two axis joystick in a miniature package. Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology for long…

  • HS Series Miniature Joystick

    The HS Series miniature joystick is a single pole, MOM-OFF-MOM micro switching joystick. Numerous button styles are available and the HS…