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  • VTS Series Vibration Tolerant Tilt Sensor

    The VTS series of vibration-tolerant tilt sensor offers an optimal combination of performance, safety and cost in dynamic applications such…

  • EC Series Compact Emergency Stop

    The EC Series compact emergency stop switch with an integrated connector. Available with solder lug terminal or a connector for…

  • 4212 Oil Condition Sensor

    Captures fine wear & coarse failure ferrous particles Water in oil contamination detection  Oil temperature or oil presence measurement Reduce…

  • HJ Series Hall effect Joystick

    The HJ Series Joystick is a hand operated Hall effect controller designed for in-cab vehicle applications requiring proportional multi-axis positioning…

  • 6242-0005 Joystick Footswitch

    Herga Technology can offer a range of General Purpose Footswitches, including their light duty footswitch - which is well suited…

  • 12 series Linear Magnetostrictive Sensor

    The Germanjet 12 series non-contact absolute position transducer is specially designed for parison control. It provides feedback of the valve…