PHA220 Compact Pressure Sensor

The EFE PHA220 Compact Pressure Sensor for hydrogen applications equipped with the latest technological innovations developed by EFE.



The EFE PHA220 Compact Pressure Sensor for hydrogen applications equipped with the latest technological innovations developed by EFE.
The PHA220 Pressure sensor has a stainless steel measuring element is not welded to the sensor fitting. Its “one-piece” design makes the PHA 223 sensor compatible with high pressure level signal of 0.5-4.5V and gives the sensor a very good accuracy: ±0.25% between +10 and +40°C. Compact and robust, it provides all the guarantees for on-board use combining temperature, vibrations and shocks. The PHA223. has been qualified for shock, vibration, magnetism and electrostatic discharge according to the RTCA DO 160 standard.

EFE pressure sensor have been developing and manufacturing a complete range of pressure sensors since 1973. They have designed their proprietary advanced sensing technologies and created a unique range of high performance and miniature pressure transducers.

With over 35 years of experience, EFE have developed a unique range of miniature and sub-miniature pressure transducers. This complete range includes:
– Low pressure (from 100 mbar), high pressure (up to 3000 bar) and negative/positive pressure ranges (from –1 bar).
– Unamplified sensors,
– Transducers with analogue or digital built-in electronics
– Standard or high accuracy with digitally corrected transducers offering ultimate total error band including all errors in the compensated temperature range (0.1% fs).
– Large temperature capability: from –60°C to 260°C for unamplified sensors and –55°C to +175°C for amplified transducers.
– High dynamic capability with semi-flush diaphragms
– High performance built-in electronics adapted to on-board applications (8-16V or 8-30V power supply), high bandwidth capability (up to 5 or 10 kHz), low noise, low consumption (<10 mA) and related protection.
– All stainless steel, titanium or inconel construction allowing compatibility with corrosive media
– Robust construction proven in the harshest environments

Applications where space is limited and weight critical : gear box & engine development, satellite, missile, aerospace, motorsport.

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Model Power Supply Output Signal Consumption
PHA223 5Vdc stabilised and filtered 0.5-4.5Vdc regulated power supply <10mA
Power Supply 5Vdc Stabilised and filtered
Offset 0.5Vdc ±0.05
Sensitivity 4Vdc ±0.05
Pressure ranges (FS) 20bar; 40bar; 100bar; 250bar; 400bar; 700bar
Type Gage and absolute
(for ranges >40bar)
Sealed gage
Mechanical connection M14 x 1.5-4h male
Electrical Connection Hermetic MIL-C-26482 - 6 pin receptacle
Optional: AWG26 Viton jacketed shielded cable, Ø2.8mm ±0.2mm, 4 wires
Compensated temperature range 10 to 40°C
Optional: -25 to +85°C
Total error band ±0.25%FS in the compensated temperature range +10 to +40°C
Optional: ±1%FS in the compensated temperature range -25 to +85°C
Size Compact
Diameter 22mm
Signal Bandwidth DC to 1000Hz @ -3dB
Non repeatability ±0.02% FS Typ