X005 ATEX Approved Galvanic Isolation Amplifier

The X005 has an input power supply range of 12 to 30 volts dc, making it suitable for a wide range of hazardous area applications. It is tri-port isolated providing isolation between the amplifier power supply, the hazardous area and the X005 output signal. The sensor supply and output are transformer coupled providing 2.5kV isolation between the safe and hazardous area circuits eliminating the requirement for a high-integrity earth.

The output of the X005 is factory configured to either 0.5 to 9.5V or 4-20mA and has a bandwidth of 4.7kHz, making it ideal for servo control loops.

The X005 can also be supplied configured for use with potentiometers.

The screw terminal connector plugs are coded to eliminate cross connection.


Intrinsic Safety

ATEX/IECEx approval

The Galvanic Isolation Amplifier, suitable for all areas, is ATEX approved to:
Ex I (M1)
[Ex ia Ma] I Ta = -20°C ≤Ta ≤+60°C
Ex II (1) GD
[Ex ia Ga Da] IIC Ta = -20°C ≤Ta ≤+60°C


Power Supply

Voltage 24V DC nom 12V-30V
Current Consumption (24V Supply) Approximately 50mA (voltage O/P)
Approximately 70mA (current O/P)
Sensor Supply 5V at 15mA max
Lead Resistance for 15mA 15Ω max (all connections)


Output Options

Voltage 0.5-9.5V - output resistance 5Ω
Current Loop 4-20mA, load resistance 0-1KΩ


Safety Parameters

Uo 10.66V
Io 50.5mA
Po 121mW
Li 0
Ci 0
Um 253V


Transfer characteristics

Sensor Input Resistance >5MΩ
Non-Linearity <+/- 0.1% FS
Temperature Drift <0.01% FS/°C for voltage outputs
Setting Time to 1% of Span <300μs for 10-90% step change
Rise Time <200μs for 10-90% step change
Bandwidth DC to 4.7kHz (-3db)
Isolation 2500V between safe area terminals and hazardous area terminals, 50V between power rail (J4) and optput (J3)
Electromagnetic Compatability EN561236-2-1:2006 (EN31326-1:2006)
Ambient Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C working
-40°C to +100°C storage
Housing 97.3 x 22.5 x 111.9mm
Protection Class IP20
Mounting 35 x 7.5mm top-hat rail (DIN 46277-3)

Positek offers a range of options for its standard sensors. Each sensor is manufactured to suit each customer's preferences. If your requirement is outside the options given below, Positek can modify/ redesign a sensor to suit your specific requirement. Standard options are available as below:


For use with Positek Intrinsically Safe Sensors

Output Signal Option Code
0.5 - 9.5V DC X005-545
9.5 - 0.5 DC X005-546
4 - 20 mA X005-425
20 - 4mA X005-426


For use with Potentiometers

Output Signal Option Code
0.5 - 9.5V DC X005-001
9.5 - 0.5 DC X005-002
4 - 20 mA X005-003
20 - 4mA X005-004

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