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Founded in 1990, SEIKA develops, manufactures sensors for measurement of acceleration, inclination, electronic and mechanical accessories for sensors. Inclinometers for large range of tilt measurements and a series of robust accelerometers with integrated sensor electronics are SEIKA’s standard products.

SEIKA also manufactures a number of customer specific sensors, contact Control Devices for more information.

Seika Products


Capacitive spring-mass accelerometers with integrated electronics. Resonant peaks are minimised by special gas-dynamic damping in the primary transformer.

The sensors are manufactured with an analog DC output. The sensor electronics require only small amounts of power and are in conjunction with the capacitive primary transformer characterised by low error and high long-term stability.

Seika NGU series inclinometers


Capacitive, liquid based inclinometers with integrated sensor electronics. The measurement technique enables a linear relationship between the angle to be measured and the output signal.

The determined angle is independent of the local gravitational acceleration, so no matter where the measurement is being taken, whether in Europe, New Zealand, on Mount Everest or on the moon, the inclination will be measured correctly.

Sensor Boxes

The SEIKA Sensor Boxes is a pressure die cast aluminium housing sealed to IP65 available for 1, 2 or 3 SEIKA Sensors.

The Sensor Box can house signal conditioners, active low pass filters and noise voltage filters. Earth loops are eliminated by electrically isolating the sensor and signal conditioner from the housing. A temperature compensation system reduces the temperature sensitivity of any implemented sensor.

Sensor box containing one NG360 inclinometer with RS485 interface


Accessories for SEIKA sensors.

Low Pass Filters, Mounting Plates and the Sensor Cube for Multi-axial measurement