Piezoelectric Keypads

APEM piezoelectric keypads combine pressure-sensitive keys and visually attractive design. Offering the highest level of sealing against water and dust, these keypads have no electrical consumption at rest and require a real touch to be activated.

  • Smooth aluminium front face for a modern design
  • Easy to clean
  • Protected against water, dust and frost
  • Wear-free
  • No risk of unintentional activation by wind or water
  • No Consumption


Piezoelectric Keypads find applications in environments requiring absolute sealing when the capacitive technologyis not adapted due to the risk of unintentional activation:

  1. Public environment, free access terminals
  2. Medical
  3. Access control


Our piezoelectric keypads are highly customisable:

1. Front face dimensions
2. Anodisation colour
3. Long life marking
4. Backlighting
5. Front or rear mounting
6. Connection, possibility to combine the keypad with an emergency stop for example.
7. Electronics: Choice of communication protocols RS232, CAN USB, LIN etc